Denavar’s Tools

1CAT BulldozerN 8 D1 Device
2KOMATSO GraderJD 661 L1 1 Device
3HEPCO RollerCL 25 1 Device
4Concrete Central Station24 cubic meters 1 Device
5Rail Tower CranePOTAIN 2 Devices
6Benz truck1921 2 Devices
720 ton crane Unique Japanese1 Device
8Water tanker truckRussian gas2 Devices
9TractorRomania3 Devices
10Automixer 150 K.V.AMerlo3 Devices
11GeneratorCommens – Volvo3 Devices
12Nissan Zamyad van 6420002 Devices
13Pickup Van62 & 633 Devices
14Patrol Vehicle67 & 71 & 763 Devices
15Toyota two-cab pickup932 Devices
16Toyota pickup single cabin83 & 84 & 853 Devices
17Mazda van69 & 70 & 713 Devices
18Three-sided dumper3 Devices
19Single-Sided Dumper3 Devices
20Long concrete drainage machine3 Devices
21Concrete Mixer 800 liter Technois2 Devices
22750 liter Mamiran Concrete Mixer3 Devices
23200 liter Electrical Concrete Mixer Machine4 Devices
24 200 liter Technise Concrete Mixer3 Devices
25Electric vibrator5 Devices
26Gasoline vibrator1 Device
27 Diesel vibrator2 Devices
28Manual compactor3 Devices
29Automatic roof and wall blocking machine1 Device
30Zeiss and Leica level camera3 Devices
31Leica and Russian angle viewer camera 1 Device
32Russian angle view camera 1 Device
33Diesel Generator 400 KVAVolvo 1 Device
3440 ton silo of cement 2 Devices
35Silo of 400 tons of cement 2 Devices
36Types of rail lifter 3 Devices
37Revolving lifter 2 Devices
38Brick lather 2 Devices
39Three-function carpentry machine 1 Device
40Electric water pump in different powers 10 Devices
41Three-inch diesel pump 2 Devices
42Metal formwork for wall columns2000 square meters
43Metal jack5000
442000 liter water storage tank with axle 4 Devices
4511000 liter water storage tank without axle 1 Device
462000 liter water storage tank without axle 2 Devices
471000 liter water storage tank without axle 2 Devices
48Rebar cutting and bending machine 2 Devices

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