About Us


The experience of years of hard work and effort in the way of construction in the most remote parts of our beloved homeland, the management of Denavar Company, together with a group of skilled and committed engineers, established a group to promote the culture of construction and development of civil activities.

Implementation of various construction projects, including hospitals, halls, educational centers, and albeit small steps in order to improve the living standards of our compatriots and the sustainable development of the country.

This company, with great effort in its perspective, has succeeded in getting the highest rank in building, facilities, and equipments from plan and budget organization of the country and hopes to continue this path to provide full satisfaction to its employers and Continuously take big steps toward creating added value for the stakeholders.

creativity and innovation:

TThe company believes that creativity and innovation play an important role in improving work and increasing efficiency. To achieve this, the company has always observed the following.

  • Creating the necessary environment for the flourishing of staff creativity and innovation
  •  Hiring people who are creative and innovative
  • Motivate staff to show their talent for innovation to get things done

 For this purpose, the company has always tried to keep up to date with the latest technology in the world.

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